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“I used the letter template you suggested and just changed a few words here and there just in case. Within 5 days of appealing I had a letter from my Local Council saying that on this occasion my ticket had been cancelled. If I had not of known about this site I would have probably paid the 60 fine! Well done in exposing the truth.”

Patrick Decker, Finance Consultant, Basildon, Essex


Parking Tickets Are The Latest STEALTH TAX
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Nobody in Government wants to admit this

But parking tickets are the latest STEALTH TAX to hit motorists across the country.

Over 8 millions motorists get parking tickets every year

That’s nearly 14% of our total population which nets the Government over 1 Billion every year!

With parking fines set to rise across the country and the amount of Traffic Wardens already set to rise despite the amount of public sector job cuts it means they are only after YOUR money!

Why is this going on?

The simple answer is we only have 2 million parking spaces in this country and with over 30 million motorists chasing those parking spaces.

The rules telling us where and when we can park are both confusing and widespread. Most traffic wardens are on targets they have to meet in order to qualify for bonuses. So the pressure is on for them to ticket like mad!

They are out to get you!

  1.   The CROYDON motorist who got a parking ticket after 21 seconds while he had gone to pay for a ticket at the machine.


       2.   The SHOEBURYNESS runners who got tickets while running for charity.


       3.   The LONDON Lorry Driver who’s wheel got stuck in a pot hole in the middle of a road and could not move.


       4.   The WAR Heroes who got parking tickets while attending a Remembrance Day parade.

It’s just getting silly now!


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I was ticketed for over staying my time by two only minutes! I know I was in the wrong but I thought a 70 fine was just too much for such a small mistake. After finding your website on the internet I used one of your appeal systems and a few days later I got a letter back saying that my ticket was being cancelled due to a procedure error. What a result and I saved over 50!

Chantal Henley, Accounts Administrator, Northampton



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If you had just sent a simple and easy appeal letter you could have spent that money instead on a night out at really nice restaurant or a show!

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I took the family on a day out to the seaside before we got there my daughter was sick so I popped into shop while stopped at a taxi rank to get some medicine for her. I was only gone two minutes and got a ticket. I explained the situation to the traffic warden and he just laughed at me. Bet he isn’t laughing anymore now because after I found your site I used one of your letter templates and got the ticket cancelled immediately because of a clever little loophole.

Michael Roberts, Gas Fitter, Manchester




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Do You want To Appeal Your Parking Tickets?

Since the 1990s where parking control powers have been allotted to the local councils away from the police, there has been a sharp increase in the issuing of parking tickets and more people appealing against them.

In the aftermath of parking tickets decriminalization, it can be said that common people are starting to realize that the local councils are merely using the parking ticket issuance power vested on them, to generate revenue by way of parking tickets and it is the very reason behind the increase in the number of parking tickets in recent times.

There are several reasons for modern day approach towards compact form of parking tickets. In recent times, parking fines have shot up with some motorists even paying up to 120 pounds for their parking tickets.

If you genuinely feel you have been issued an unfair parking tickets, then certainly appeal against the parking tickets. In fact around 50% of the appealers win their appeals. In majority of cases the local councils do not even bother to turn up at the appeal.

The value of parking tickets however cannot be totally dismissed. Its importance lies in its function of keeping chaos off the roads. Moreover, taxes would have gone up if parking tickets didn’t exist to provide some sort of revenue for the local councils to operate on.

This is the theory behind issuing a parking ticket and imposing parking fines for collecting transport revenues. However traffic wardens are being pressurised to give parking tickets to as many people as possible even if they have not broken the law.

So if one finds there are no signs specifically mentioned for parking at a certain area the motorist should avoid parking there as it is likely to be a trap. If in any doubt do not park or you are very likely to get parking tickets.

To appeal parking tickets is not a very hard procedure. But in spite of these easy steps 99% people are still paying their parking fine. All it takes a simple letter to the local council or if you are lucky, then one very quick and easy email.

Drafting a short email or letter that can save 30 – 120 pounds should not be too much of a hassle for you. The problem is that most drivers do not know how easy it is to draft this parking tickets appeal letter. There are many online sites who explain the entire process and there also exists companies who offer appeal templates or you can outsource the drafting work to them.

Now to ensure you are successful you will need some kind of evidence. You could for example have photographs showing that there were no signs at the place where you parked; or that there was a sign which shows you were parking legally. In this way with near two thirds of parking tickets being distributed illegally there stands a big chance for you!

There’s yet another way other than photography. One can utilize technicality to help appeal for parking tickets. Common technicalities are to do with what is on the parking ticket. Say you got a ticket and it said you were parked in Smith Street when in fact you were parked in Smith Road you could argue that the contravention never occurred thus winning your parking tickets appeal.

A relatively new phenomenon is parking tickets issued from private parking ticket companies. Under these companies you get similar parking tickets as the warden gives you but it will say something distinctive from the original and legal issued one as “Parking Charge Notice pay within 14 days for a reduced rate. Non payment will result in us contacting the D.V.L.A. for your details.”

However you can safely ignore these parking tickets. Do not even bother contacting the company. These tickets are illegal they are in fact only invoices. Just ignore any threatening letters as the company can not act on them.

If you want an example of a company who has never taken anybody to court for fine defaults, mention may be made of Euro Car Parks.

If in case you are taken to court there are several things that they need to prove therein. Firstly, they need to prove you as their registered keeper to show you as a party to their contract (entering their car park means that you have entered a contract with them). Secondly, it has to be proven that you were driving at that time. If all of this is proven, even then what they’ll be entitled to is a mere 2 pounds for an hour’s extra parking.

So to conclude, you should never appeal parking tickets from a private company even if you receive 3 or 4 threatening letters. Just ignore them or tell them you will get a court order against them for harassment.

So never end up paying fake parking tickets. So just go ahead and appeal – you have a great chance of winning it. Visit the website below for help and advice.

Why Should You Appeal Against A Parking Tickets?

To know the answer to the question, "why do parking tickets cost so much?" We have to go back to the Road Traffic Act of 1991. This enabled local Councils to manage local parking regulations including the parking tickets issue thereof.

Simply put, traffic wardens function under the council and not the police.

In the year 2008, precisely on 31st March, the Traffic Management Act of 2004 came to force which divided parking tickets into two groups – the higher offence and the lower offence. Stating an example, parking on double yellow lines would be costlier than having an expired pay and display ticket.

The high parking tickets act as a restraint to traffic rule violating motorists and are probably priced that way keeping in mind this fact.

The fine you pay for parking tickets are high also because the administrative expenses included in it. Thus, wages for traffic wardens, cost of their training, motorist’s appeal handling and chasing unpaid fines are all included therein.

Since local councils aim to be in the back, most of the times they contract out the work to private companies.

Since a 50% discount is offered to early payers, motorists fear losing out on this if they were to appeal a second time and hence do not go ahead for genuine parking tickets appeals.

A common question is that ‘Is the system bias?’ The council’s yearly budget has parking tickets as one of the most important elements in it. Even the appeal process that a motorist is entitled to is financed by fines paid by other motorists.

Maintenance and ensuring revenue generation through this lucrative avenue hence is very important for the council and its contractors, who might also be in it for a percentage.

So it is understandable why so many unjust and unfair parking tickets are issued in this country. Almost 70% of these do not even have legal validity. But does one see the council to take any steps regarding this. The answer obviously is a big no.

Recent days have seen traffic wardens pursuing the approach of ‘ticket first, questions later’. But it must also be mentioned at this point that 70% of all motorists win their parking tickets appeal

Various councils in the past have rejected parking tickets appeals made by motorists immediately without having any legally valid reason. It is only because they want to protect their income.

Fortunately for the council, from the point of view of the public in general it is a tough job to prove that such malpractices go on abundantly.

Thus, it can be safely said that the huge amounts stated as parking tickets exist so as to not to let motorists violate traffic norms and thereby create a road chaos. From the council’s point of view, like an indirect tax, it is an instrument to generate extra income.

Do you happen to know any individual who got an unfair parking tickets and wanted to appeal against it but didn’t as he did not know the procedure? Well, there are numerous sites wherein these procedures are explained and letters drafted which can cancel any illegal parking tickets.

You must know this that the traffic wardens are under a lot of pressure themselves. They are forced by the councils to issue parking tickets as much as possible. The knowledge of this should be used as an advantage in parking ticket appealing.

Moreover, many do not take the hassle of appealing parking tickets since they have a pre-conceived notion that appeal letters are difficult and complicated to jot down. But there exists innumerable websites where such templates as well as samples are provided to make life easier.

There exist two strategies in which your parking ticket appealing process might take place. The first one involves you providing photographic evidence of your innocence. Here, you click photos of the said area to show that there had been no road markings or signs to tell you that parking was prohibited there.

The second route consisting of you going by what the parking tickets says. For example, if it says you were parked on Smith Road, you might as well say that in reality you were in Smith Street.

Lastly, coming to the private parking tickets now, please note never to pay any attention to them. These look similar to the publicly issued legal tickets and often send you follow up threat mails but one should always keep in mind that even if they drag you to court, they will only be able to collect the fine from you, an amount which is much lower than the court fees they have to pay. Thus, they will never drag you to court.