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Around 99% of people do not even realize that nearly 70% of all parking tickets issued in this country is actually legally invalid. All you have to do is highlight this error in the law, and the ticket is quashed!

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Even if your parking ticket is legally valid, there are still HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of loopholes available at your disposal to cancel your parking ticket within a matter of minutes.

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“I used the letter template you suggested and just changed a few words here and there just in case. Within 5 days of appealing I had a letter from my Local Council saying that on this occasion my ticket had been cancelled. If I had not of known about this site I would have probably paid the 60 fine! Well done in exposing the truth.”

Patrick Decker, Finance Consultant, Basildon, Essex


Parking Tickets Are The Latest STEALTH TAX
Discover How To Beat The System- GUARANTEED!

Nobody in Government wants to admit this

But parking tickets are the latest STEALTH TAX to hit motorists across the country.

Over 8 millions motorists get parking tickets every year

That’s nearly 14% of our total population which nets the Government over 1 Billion every year!

With parking fines set to rise across the country and the amount of Traffic Wardens already set to rise despite the amount of public sector job cuts it means they are only after YOUR money!

Why is this going on?

The simple answer is we only have 2 million parking spaces in this country and with over 30 million motorists chasing those parking spaces.

The rules telling us where and when we can park are both confusing and widespread. Most traffic wardens are on targets they have to meet in order to qualify for bonuses. So the pressure is on for them to ticket like mad!

They are out to get you!

  1.   The CROYDON motorist who got a parking ticket after 21 seconds while he had gone to pay for a ticket at the machine.


       2.   The SHOEBURYNESS runners who got tickets while running for charity.


       3.   The LONDON Lorry Driver who’s wheel got stuck in a pot hole in the middle of a road and could not move.


       4.   The WAR Heroes who got parking tickets while attending a Remembrance Day parade.

It’s just getting silly now!


You need to know How to BEAT OUR UNFAIR SYSTEM
before it gets the better of you.




I was ticketed for over staying my time by two only minutes! I know I was in the wrong but I thought a 70 fine was just too much for such a small mistake. After finding your website on the internet I used one of your appeal systems and a few days later I got a letter back saying that my ticket was being cancelled due to a procedure error. What a result and I saved over 50!

Chantal Henley, Accounts Administrator, Northampton



At some point in your motoring life you have probably already paid out for a parking fine you could have avoided and SAVED yourself up to 100!


How do all these little known facts make you feel like inside?

Annoyed at your Local money grabbing Council? FRUSTRATED and FED UP with how the whole parking system is geared to be against you from day one?

How will you react when you next see a big bright yellow and black sticker stuck to your car windscreen with a huge 120 fine attached?

Don’t forget this is only the start as all Local Councils are asking Government to let them raise their parking fines to unprecedented levels.

So let me ask you an important question.

Would you like to FIGHT BACK?

What I say now will come as a surprise to you, only about 1% of people ever bother to appeal.

What will shock you further is that those who do appeal about 65% of them win their appeals (and with some smart loopholes this success rate can be increased to nearly a 100%).

Think about it. If you pay a parking fine you are throwing away your HARD EARNED MONEY!

If you had just sent a simple and easy appeal letter you could have spent that money instead on a night out at really nice restaurant or a show!

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I took the family on a day out to the seaside before we got there my daughter was sick so I popped into shop while stopped at a taxi rank to get some medicine for her. I was only gone two minutes and got a ticket. I explained the situation to the traffic warden and he just laughed at me. Bet he isn’t laughing anymore now because after I found your site I used one of your letter templates and got the ticket cancelled immediately because of a clever little loophole.

Michael Roberts, Gas Fitter, Manchester




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Appeal A Parking Ticket From Euro Car Parks?

Since the 1990s where parking control powers have been allotted to the local councils away from the police, there has been a sharp increase in the issuing of parking tickets from Euro Car Parks and more people appealing against them.

Some people see this as a way of collecting revenue for the local authorities. It appears that they want to collect as much as possible irrespective as to whether the motorist has really broken the law and parked illegally. They are more interested in raising money rather than improving transport services.

So many reasons set up for the recent increase in appeal of parking fines. Lately the pay up price for parking fine has shot up to 120 pounds with certain motorists for fulfilling their parking ticket’s price.

It is essential you contest every parking ticket, especially from Euro Car Parks. The appeal against your parking ticket is very easy and around 50% of these appeals are granted quite easily. The council don’t even bother to appear most of the time while these appeals are being considered.

But also remember that the parking tickets also have some value since without them the roads would turn into chaotic points. Moreover, without the revenue that parking fines generate, local councils would have had to run on low budgets which might have resulted in a subsequent tax increase.

This is the theory behind compelling a motorist to pay their parking ticket from Euro Car Parks even if they have not really broken the law. In the real world these traffic wardens face the increasing pressure to issue more and more tickets to unsuspecting motorists.

A motorist should always look out for street signs or road markings before parking in a public car park or on a public road. Especially if he is unsure about the place, it is better not to park there than risk being charged a hefty parking ticket amount  from Euro Car Parks and the subsequent effort for appealing for it.

To appeal for a  Euro Car Parks parking ticket is not so hard. In spite of this so easy made and compact procedure, 99% people still pay their parking fine without appealing. All it takes usually is a simple letter written to the local council or if one is even more lucky enough then a quick and easy email.

So is sitting down at your comfort level in house and writing a simple email or a letter to save yourself 120 pounds really too much hassle for you? Of course this is not. But the problem is that many people do not even realise how easy it is to write the appeal letter. An online parking appeals service will explain everything to you.

An appeal to be successful needs the help of some photographic evidence that will prove your offence otherwise. Firstly pictures showing that you didn’t do the crime, to pictures showing that there were no signboard or road markings to instruct otherwise, an appealing motorist has a high chance of winning.

Going via the technicality way is the next alternative for you which involve focusing on what is given in the ticket. Thus, if you are given a ticket saying that you parked wrongly in Smith Road whereas you were in Smith Street in reality, you can always argue that the contravention never happened winning your appeal in the process.

Another relatively new concept is that of the private parking ticket which looks identical to and is even issued in a similar way to what a traffic warden generally gives you. It usually asks you to pay a certain amount of fine within so and so date along with a slight threat.

In most cases if you write to them they won't accept your appeal. The reason for discouraging you to converse with them is that they will constantly pester you with empty threats because these are not parking tickets but illegal invoices.

Euro Car Parks might be given as an example of a company which has never taken anybody to court for defaulting in fine payment.

And if in case you are taken to court by them, they will have to prove that you are a registered keeper otherwise they cannot show you as a party to their contract (entering their car park is entering their contract). Again, it has to be proven that you were driving at that time. Even if they manage to prove all this, they will be entitled to a mere 2 pounds for an hours extra parking.

Always remember that you should not get bullied into paying these companies just for their threatening letters. You can write to them threatening court action for such harassment or just dismiss them entirely and you will soon find them to disappear.

Thus, you must understand that you have a great chance of winning an appeal against your parking tickets especially from Euro Car Parks so just don’t give up without trying. You can visit the website below for more help and advice on parking tickets.